M3 Partners With ActivTrak

M3 Partners With ActivTrak

Boost Engagement and Productivity with Workforce Analytics Tools from ActivTrak

M3 Solutions, Middle Tennessee’s leading technology solutions provider, is proud to offer ActivTrak as a managed service provider offering.

ActivTrak lets companies of all sizes understand how their teams are working by supplying detailed analytics and metrics related to productivity and patterns. Understanding these data allows companies to:

● Easily view productivity trends across organizations
● Establish historic benchmarks and trends to allow teams to set realistic goals
● Identify the patterns of top performers
● Understand what is getting in the way of productivity
● And identify what new tools could improve collaboration

As an ActivTrak partner, M3 Solutions can enable this powerful tool in your business today. ActivTrak can provide you with unmatched insight into your team’s performance and identify ways to improve engagement and boost productivity.

Productivity Tools for Remote Teams

Remote work is here to stay, and ActivTrak helps companies unite scattered teams, identify overworked or disengaged employees, and track engagement trends over time. With ActivTrak, managers can gain detailed insights into employee weekly work habits and share these insights with a broader audience to proactively drive new habits. Now, you can understand what sites and apps employees are spending their time on and identify opportunities to skyrocket productivity as a whole. All the while, you can also create individual goals for customized coaching and help prevent burnout.

Productivity Management and Measurement Tools

ActivTrak lets teams spot patterns across people, processes, and technologies so that teams can be optimized and productivity boosted. Know what your employees are spending their time on and what role multitasking is playing in overall output. These key productivity metrics allow for continuous improvement — and a better bottom line.

Your Employees Work Hard — Are They Burned Out?

Assessing burnout used to be incredibly difficult — a manager had to analyze work and simply ask workers if they were disconnected and overextended, then hope for an honest answer. ActivTrak changes that. ActivTrak gives managers visibility into employees, teams, processes, and technology so they can proactively engage with employees and encourage healthy work habits. Now, you can spot patterns that are indicators of burnout and gain insight into productivity and engagement to keep your workers happy and focused.

About M3 Solutions

M3 Solutions has been delivering solutions to businesses of all sizes in Middle Tennessee since 2015. Previously known as Covert Designs, we help accelerate business potential through network solutions, IT procurement, IT repair, cloud VoIP, surveillance system, website creation, network creation, and virtual meeting room creation. We also establish and maintain cloud, on-site, and hybrid storage solutions for companies of all sizes.

Whether you are a startup just getting off the ground or an established business seeking ways to grow and improve, M3 Solutions has the tools, expertise, and experience needed to help make plans become reality.

Contact M3 Solutions today to see how we can help implement ActivTrak into your operations and rewrite the rules on productivity.

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