If you have this Android app installed on your phone, delete it now!

If you have this Android app installed on your phone, delete it now!

After the recent discovery that five Android apps were set up to record your screen when banking, another has managed to slip through Google’santi-malware net, and it works in an inversely vicious way. If you have an App installed on your Android phone called “ ToDo Day Manager ” then delete it now. According to leading cloud security company Zscaler and reported on by Laptop Mag, it's one of 50 apps its Techlabz platoon have set up to be ‘ Trojan droppers.' How does the Xenomorph Trojan work? Despite posing as an inoffensive planning app, ToDo Day Manager installs a particularly nasty trojan known as the Xenomorph. Upon installation, the app asks for extensive permissions on your device and installs itself as an admin, refusing to surrender control.

How do you protect yourself?

A common measure to proactively protect your information is to never allow permissions to an unknown app, especially if it seems irrelevant to the service it offers. For instance, in this case why would a calendar app require access to your camera or messages.

It can be hard but using different passwords for each login is a crucial part of cybersecurity. We recommend using one our featured password managers and making sure each password is strong.

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